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Discover how your workspace can improve your people's wellbeing & reduce your environmental impact

We use scientific methods to improve your workspace

Sustainable products

We carefully choose products that have a positive impact on the environment,​ and on your health.

WELL Building Standard


We consider WELL's 10 concepts for health and wellbeing indoors.

Biophilic Design

We harness the human-nature connection to improve employee wellbeing in the workplace.

Healthy workspaces increase people's performance 

The spaces around us have an impact on our wellbeing.

We optimize your workspace using biophilic design, scientific research and new ways of working.


increase in creativity & wellbeing when exposed to elements of nature.

Health, Wellbeing & Productivity in Offices:  World Green Building Council


increase in productivity after cleaning indoor air.


World Green Building Council

Takes 1 min

What defines a healthy workspace?

Eco-friendly furniture

Clean air

Optimised acoustics

Green materials

Improved ergonomics

Optimised lighting

Natural elements 

What you get

Higher attendance & retention levels

Increased productivity & performance rates

Enhanced wellbeing & creativity levels

An attractive workplace for talent recruitment

Achieve your company's full potential, invest in your people 

Your people are your biggest asset.

Provide them with an inspiring & healthy workspace where they, and your business, can thrive.


of employees believe that the design of their workplace is important.


Oswald, A. J., Proto, E., & Sgroi, D. (2015)

Happiness and productivity. Journal of labour economics


of employers said that their employees’ health & wellbeing had a direct effect on productivity.

Health and safety statistics: Annual report for Great Britain.

Stand by your values, commit to sustainability 

Your values are your identity.

We help you put them forward through a curated selection of ethical and sustainable products.

Keep it simple , keep it digital

Your time is precious.

Our experts will prepare your space layout and product selection through our digital platform. 

No renovations, no paper, no hidden fees.

Ready to bloom?

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