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Making interior design more sustainable.

Our mission is to breathe life into spaces without taking it away from our planet.

We believe that interiors can look good, feel good, and do good.


People and Planet

At Spacebloom, we realized that there was a disconnect. Interior designers, driven by passion and purpose, often hit a roadblock when it came to finding the right resources.

Likewise, the very suppliers, artisans, and craftsmen who cherished our planet, struggled to connect with designers who shared their vision.

This was more than just about furniture or decor; it was about shaping an ethos. An ethos where every space tells a story of responsibility, creativity, and harmony.

What is Spacebloom?

Centralized Resources: All sustainable tools and materials in one place.

Unified Community: Designers and suppliers collaborating for a greener future.

True Sustainability: Influencing responsible designs, one space at a time.

Impact on People

These elements have an impact on our productivity, creativity, wellbeing & health.
Knowing that we spend 90% of our time indoors, improving them is essential. 













Impact on Planet

The furniture industry alone

is responsible for emitting

1.5 billion tons of CO2 each year.

Meet the spacebloomers

We are a group of nature lovers who believe that the spaces around us can make us happier, healthier & more performant.

At a time where public concern over climate change is at an all-time high, sustainable office design has never been so important.

Done effectively, it promises a whole host of benefits to the environment and the workforce, enhancing wellbeing and providing a collective sense of purpose. 

The future won't wait.

Michael Najjar

Michael Najjar
Co-founder & CEO

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Bruno Schwartz

Bruno Schwartz
Co-founder & COO

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Sabine Boghossian

Sabine Boghossian
Head of content

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Jean Raymond Naveau

Jean-Raymond Naveau
Strategy Advisor

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Nicolas Hindi

Nicolas Hindi
Financial Advisor

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Jean-Vianney Philippe

Jean-Vianney Philippe
Marketing Advisor

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Are you a bloomer too?

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